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Konvertor is a utility for viewing, converting, organizing graphic, audio, video, text files.
It has the following features :
Import 4518 mumtimedia file formats
Export 367 multimedia file formats
Multipage TIFF, Animated GIF, Animated ICO support
Image IPTC, EXIF metadata support
EXIF auto rotation support
IPTC/ EXIF / XMP/ GPS editing
Resize, rotate, crop support
Convert raster formats to DXF
Lossless rotate & crop (jpeg) support
Adjust brightness, contrast...
Auto levels, contrast
Modify number of colors
Apply filters (blur, average, emboss, ... 260 different)
Apply effects (lens, wave, ...)
Fullscreen mode
Slide show with effects
Batch convert, batch rename
Create WEB page easily
Screen capture
Create contact Sheet
Create or edit Multi-page file (TIFF, DCX, PDF...)
PHOTOSHOP plugins, TWAIN & WIA support
Print support
Drag & Drop support (Windows only)
Compare image side by side
And many many other things...
No Adware, No Spyware

Requirements: 4 GO RAM
Trial version Limitations: none

Reviews / View as Forum Thread
08-Feb-2004 10 jonypatel how can i convert dat file to mpeg
31-Jan-2004 10 plot great soft
31-Jan-2004 10 130875 how can I convert WMV & mpeg files to mp4?
17-Jan-2004 10 JB2 The software opens just about anything, whether images, text, video, or audio. No matter what weird format your file is in, the program can convert it into a more common one.
16-Jan-2004 1 unclebill Failed to convert the 1st WMV file I tried. Bill
13-Jan-2004 10 lexusmwl im looking for a software to convert jpeg to mpeg.
07-Jan-2004 10 jaso75 anyone can help.I want to convert wmv to mpg .Anyone got any solution.thank
04-Jan-2004 10 Zorgh Just great!
02-Jan-2004 10 ldbc how can I convert AVI files to MOV files for Quick Time? Thanks
31-Dec-2003 10 junglee88 can someone help me to convert asf files to mpeg please? would be a great help thanks
25-Dec-2003 10 yaserg how can I convert .dat files to .avi format....? please
16-Dec-2003 10 tonylgv i want to convert binary or iso to mpeg2 can any one help me
10-Dec-2003 10 jpzr Program does not install in w2000. In XP is giving the error ??: ASF: illegal object fragment flags 0a in packet at b70, packet size = 258, pp = 12, send time: 0:00 When source is WMV
07-Dec-2003 10 apparao_pvsj I am extracting video from camcorder to computer using imagemixer software. But when I play the VCD on TV, show is breakiing. It is not continous. Can any body help me to resolve this. Reply to
24-Nov-2003 10 ppv1 i want to convert swf files that i downd load on internet wiht a good resolution of 640x480 and with sound wich program could i use
19-Nov-2003 10 nilesh I want to convert JPEG or any scaned picture file to text file format (only data) my email address: i am waiting for your valuable information.
17-Nov-2003 7 intervision How to exrract/pull each frame/image file from one MOV and/or AVI file to my disk memory ? Thanks very much in advance
13-Nov-2003 10 bsongire i want to convert .txt or doc or pagemakers file into .dat file by i can see through media player. please help me if u have the solution mail me
10-Nov-2003 NR jnberube How to convert .mpa to QuickTime .mov??
10-Nov-2003 10 drpavya finally i got it! thanks
07-Nov-2003 10 vogal I want to convert avi to mpeg.... How?
06-Nov-2003 NR AForster ??: ASF: illegal object fragment flags 0a in packet at b70, packet size = 258, pp = 12, send time: 0:00
06-Nov-2003 10 myflower can you help me to convert from jpg to scr
04-Nov-2003 10 dat i want to open .DAT file? HOW? PLEESEE!
04-Nov-2003 10 tarun I want to convert JPEG or any scaned picture file to text file format (only data) my email address: i am waiting for your valuable information.
31-Oct-2003 5 Londocat Nice interface but it couldn't read asf format.
07-Sep-2003 NR Nixu89 Is this free? Cause my family doesn't have any Visas of like that.
06-Sep-2003 10 Dolgamir This program is one that would not be without on my computer! Not only does it have one of the best fully-featured picture browser, it has an excellent file manager as well and can convert from 600 different file formats! (I did not convert mpga ;-) )
06-Sep-2003 1 drh Tedious input and output paths that keep reverting back to defaults. Doesn't convert .mpga to mp3 (file of zero size results). Doesn't files some audio files even though you specify correct path. Don't waste your money on this - there's better out therefor free !!
30-Aug-2003 10 dtushar wanna convert mpeg to dat
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Quick facts
Product Konvertor
Version 5.03
Publisher Jean Piquemal
Platform Windows 8/7
Filesize 34,355 K
Released 27-Dec-2015
License Shareware
Cost $24.00
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 99382 (1)
Rating 9.41 (0)
Votes 3003 (0)
Summary rating +2471.93 (0)
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