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13-Oct-2003 9 Review team 9/10
14-Sep-2003 10 Review team 10/10
03-Oct-2005 NR kenguanghe Which software must I have to convert mov file to dat one? Please answer me as soon as posible
24-May-2005 NR jonnie would this programme convert from .dat extension files to jpeg,?? Regards John
11-Apr-2005 10 lobbyist I have not seen better
26-Feb-2005 10 boosterH Jean, keep the good work!
18-Feb-2005 4 OxxxO I have seen better.
17-Feb-2005 NR vsandhansive how to convert mp3 to .cda file
08-Feb-2005 10 Chairul I have gif movie and I wish to convert to avi.
19-Jan-2005 NR sandyjpatil How can I install rar extention plugins in Photoshop CS?? please help. thanx.
25-Nov-2004 10 cl30n1x how to convert from jpeg to text?
25-Sep-2004 10 hgf7812 Nice product so far. This one is worth the try. It's the first that worked for me...
09-Sep-2004 10 hash hi tell me how to convert MP3 to MP4
24-Aug-2004 10 mpcas great tool, and cheap :-)
30-Jul-2004 NR jason1980 how to convert jpeg format to txt?? plz lemme know
04-Jul-2004 10 JahMein Incredible program. I have searched long and hard for a program of this quality and features. All conversions are offered in one package, and they all work extremely well. All the other features offered add to this being the best all-in-one media solution I have found, and I have searched and tried a large number of different programs. Highly recommend product.
10-Jun-2004 10 jayesh How can I convert .MPEG file to .JPEG. Can anybody advise me on a freeware type software i can use to download.
22-May-2004 10 Munster It's easy to use, efficient, does everything I'd want an image viewer to do. Supports almost any kind of image you'll see out there.
06-May-2004 10 InDelightII really great tool!
02-May-2004 10 jpmach77 great
08-Apr-2004 10 sid_ss how to convert .mov to .dat file
17-Mar-2004 10 azfar how do i convert WMV file to a normal video file ?
11-Mar-2004 6 garbiner how can I convert raw video into avi not compressed file format?
11-Mar-2004 10 aroonk I want to convert .DAT file to .JPEG Can anybody advise me a software for the same.
20-Feb-2004 8 sachi0404 hi, this is sachin from india. well ur software is so nice.. very easy to use.. and better to any file convertor.
16-Feb-2004 NR LeoF I need to convert mov to avi or mpeg... Does anyone know a good program?
15-Feb-2004 10 dewho False advertising. Won't convert MP4 to anything if it can't see it.
12-Feb-2004 10 smabulkley what type of program do I need to open jpeg's on WinXP?
10-Feb-2004 1 snilsson98 Does not convert .dat to .txt or .wpd to .doc
10-Feb-2004 10 kucera_gtm how can I convert JPEG to TXT RGB
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