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 Windows Media Codecs

This utility installs the following Windows Media Codecs: WM Video versions 7 and 8, WM Audio (all versions), WM Screen version 7, and other legacy codecs. It is designed to enable network administrators to deploy these codecs within their network. This utility includes a GUI that guides administrators through the setup process. For a silent installation, administrators can use /q:a and /r:n.

Requirements: Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher

Reviews / View as Forum Thread
09-Sep-2003 5 Review team 5/10
13-Jan-2005 NR AlexTribe I cannot see AVI files with Windows Media Player 9.0. I need your help!!!
13-Jan-2005 NR AlexTribe I cannot see avi files with wm 9.0. I need your help!! please
29-Jul-2004 10 LooteR Hello from Russia! This is COOL STUFF!
12-Jun-2004 10 sphinx151 good stuff
24-May-2004 10 maurodias very good
24-May-2004 10 maurodias Very Good!
03-Mar-2004 10 Furhman most of your problems will be solved once you search for and download the KazaaLite Codec pack. look for it through
29-Feb-2004 10 whizzer kool dl
23-Feb-2004 10 logger hehe
23-Feb-2004 10 logger nice..
26-Jan-2004 10 binz nice download
26-Jan-2004 10 binz nice down
26-Jan-2004 10 binz nice
18-Jan-2004 10 vern_1980 vern_1980 I need to view avi format and wmv format in windows media player version 7.Asking 4 a help
05-Jan-2004 10 monkey28 i need div3 codec so i can hear audio on dome of the div3 files i've downloaded..can someone help me,please?..thank you
30-Dec-2003 10 jason_9710 cool
26-Dec-2003 10 krreddy add a review to window media codecs
22-Dec-2003 10 mat je voudrai un dйcodeur de divx
16-Dec-2003 10 _Manu20_ I need Div3 codec for my new version of Windows Media Player that is this codec only... plz help me modifyin' my Windows Media Player... I need it to see episodes of Dragon Ball GT that I download via Kazaa Lite... plz help me... by thankin' you and wishin' you a Merry X'mas and a Happy new year 2004... your customer, Emmanuel Grenier (e-mail: Thanks! :o)
10-Dec-2003 10 ibqrps Its grat
10-Dec-2003 10 ibqrps Just that I need
09-Dec-2003 10 dingngina vcool play
27-Nov-2003 6 Fishorc Well i guess it works as good as any other codec :P
09-Nov-2003 10 Dj_Fatboy nice...
09-Nov-2003 10 Dj_Fatboy nice
09-Nov-2003 10 Fatboy nice
24-Oct-2003 10 Will0722 pretty good helped with what i looked for
24-Sep-2003 10 Hunter very good
19-Sep-2003 10 janol now i can watch milk ichigo
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