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 SWF Editor

NOTE : This is not a crack. This is an authoring tool which I'd made when I lost the fla for my movies when my hard disk crashed. All I did was to get my swf files from my sites and then I made this tool to remove the password protection from those swf files, so atleast I was able to get back some of my vector art and jpeg images by importing it in flash.

Also, you can adjust the frame rate !!

Another problem I had - some of my movies did'nt gave me all the content..I am trying to make a tool which will extract all the elements from my swfs back..even mp3. Please let me know at if anyone wants to help me in development.

I hope this tool would not be misused, Anyway, If you want to make your movies in a way that they won't give your content out when being imported..use as much movie clips as you can and try to keep least number frames in main timeline. This is the best way out.

If you really want to DECOMPILE your swf file, then use De Flash. You can read ACTIONSCRIPT in a swf with it! Extract images, mp3, vectors etc. It works on flash 4, 5 and MX files, even on compressed and protected files. It is a really great tool that can help you build back your fla. Download it at

Requirements: Pentium CPU, 16 RAM, 2 disk space
Trial version Limitations: NONE

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15-Nov-2003 10 SHUTZ It says: "Class not registered. You need the following file to be installed on your machine: MSSTDFMT.DLL" I downloaded that file, but I still receive that message.
15-Nov-2003 10 SHUTZ It says:
11-Sep-2003 10 nn thanks super !
19-Aug-2003 NR RobertTrou Same for me, toanthrax (ocx not registered)
14-Aug-2003 NR toanthrax does not work says comdlg.ocx is not registered and some crap!
16-Jun-2003 10 shankar hello sir i will use the software and support for you
21-Apr-2003 5 arunk it very useful for flash designer, thanks to made this type of editor
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