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 Jony's JPEG Viewer

Soview is a fast and easy use trial-ware image viewer for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Soview is capable of viewing the most popular graphic types found over the internet, which include JPEG Images (.jpeg, .jpg, .jfif), Bitmap Images (.bmp), Compuserve Bitmaps (.gif), Tagged Images (.tif, .tiff), PC Paintbrush Images (.pcx), Icons and Icon Libraries (.ico, .icl), Targa Images (.tga) and Metafile (.wmf, .emf).

Soview also has file management capabilities, allowing fast and easy access to the most common file management routines with the click of a mouse. Other features include a slide show feature which allow you to go through your images at full screen by means of an in built timer or the click of a mouse; a screen capture utility which allows you to capture either the whole screen, a selection or a certain control; a loupe that magnifies the area around your cursor up to 1000% plus more...

Requirements: 2mb disk space

Reviews / View as Forum Thread
28-Sep-2004 1 NUL Bullshit
17-Apr-2004 1 acidburn O.k... 1. it says filesize 506k why am i downloading 1.05m??!! 2. there is a big difference between freeware and trial-ware. not too impressed with this company and how the do bussiness. i would never recommend them to anyone.
03-Jan-2003 10 ME GOOD
16-Dec-2002 10 rajeesh godd for jpeg
03-Dec-2002 1 confused This is false advertizing to the fullest. The discription states freeware, 0.00$ and never expires. So why after 15 days am I required to pay for it?
14-Oct-2002 10 jefyjery Exellent Viewer
24-Sep-2002 1 Hurricain thank you guys for your input i was going to down load this program tell i saw what people had to say!! It clearly says price 0.00$ and it says never expires!! if this is the case Jony there is a law about false advertising
13-Sep-2002 1 necrokev maybe I can unistall and reinstall every fifteen days - It's FREEWARE right???
12-Sep-2002 10 creative Yea Freeware. I think not, Good but false advertising.
01-Aug-2002 1 none I downloaded Soview an not something else because it was advertised on your own website as freeware, but when I ran it, it told it was shareware and I had 15 dsays left in my trail period. WTF!
09-Oct-2001 10 gtteng not sure
10-Apr-2001 1 ahaws Page cannot be displayed when i try to download
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Quick facts
Product Jony's JPEG Viewer
Version 1.53
Publisher Honest Jony
Platform Windows ME/NT/98/95
Filesize 506 K
Released 16-Apr-2000
License Freeware
Cost $0.00
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 13327 (0)
Rating 6.59 (0)
Votes 306 (0)
Summary rating -9.76 (0)
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