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 DIMIN Image Viewer n5

Supports many image formats, including popular such as: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG-2000, also supports many Digital Cameras RAW formats and provides RAW image size guessing function;

Metadata support, including EXIF, IPTC, GeoTIFF, etc.;

Thumbnails view with 2 level cache (memory and hard disk);

Multi-monitor support, full screen monitor selection;

Slide show with different effects;

Multi folder file manager tool a very convinient tool for fast image sorting;

Batch conversion;

Batch file rename tool;

Ready for CD slide show generator;

Full Screen Preview;

Unique visualization ideas like: Full Screen Navigator (a special tool to view big images, it's a really compact solution to have few of GIS visualization tools over your hand) and Full Screen Panoramic photo view;

Support for different interface languages;

Drag&Drop File and OLE Bitmap support;

Different filters: Convert colors, Rotate, Blur, Find Edges, etc.;

Plug-in interface for formats and filters;

  • HTML web page generation - needs HTMLDirCreate to create thumbnails HTML;
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    Reviews / View as Forum Thread
    24-Jun-2005 2 tninja bad interface, poor features
    24-Jun-2005 8 visible0 Well received an eMail from the creator and maybe it was just an over sensitive invaware/virus detector OR ANOTHER PROGRAM attaching some adware as i downloaded DIMIN 5.0.5 as before but this time the same virus checker did NOT detect any worm. So if there is no invaware [invading software] as it seems then this is a very good program and one of my top 7 up n coming eDevices. So i give it a 7+, raised to 8 for creator taking the time to respond. WISHLIST: ---If i had a DIMIN wish-list i would : -ask for a more diverse slideshow as not just any files in the selected playlist but a slideshow that plays folder's subfolder option. -A filter "piggy back" where when a filter is used over one PIC/image then by holding a certain hotkey and the arrows key[s] one can slide any PIC in that same folder under the same filter effects so one can preview that filter's effect on a region of any other PIC. [like holding a gelatin filter over different images to see the same filter effect on different images] This might come in handy as to preview before batch processing. -The ability to batch process on the fly using external filters. sincerly, visible0 ,peace
    02-Jun-2005 8 visible0 "great???program... BUT ... removed it as via several invaware / virus checkers [ICL avg] it states the 'exe' has some type of worm, PLEASE investigate to see if this is an error and let dimin know as i have tried to contact them several times over the past 3 weeks to give them a fair chance to explain this. if corrected thery have a great program"
    11-Feb-2005 1 Haloab very poor program, poor features
    10-Feb-2005 10 glauco Great Program... but it does not work with .EPS image format as described.
    18-Feb-2004 10 emput I've tried downloading the image viewer through Netscepe 7.1 and IE. No luck. I get error messages with both. I'm working on a new Compaq computer with Windows XP. Any ideas? M. Putnam
    17-Feb-2004 10 dageezer Great Program... better than ACD See for viewing.
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    Quick facts
    Product DIMIN Image Viewer n5
    Version 5.0.5
    Publisher DIMIN Software
    Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
    Filesize 1,200 K
    Released 02-Apr-2005
    License Freeware
    Cost $0.00
    Expires Never Expires
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 10197 (0)
    Rating 7.04 (0)
    Votes 153 (0)
    Summary rating +16.03 (0)
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